57.5 x 28cm Foldable Adjustable Studio Recording Microphone Isolator Sound Absorbing Foam Panel Mic Isolation Shield Stand Mount

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When recording sound , it could help you prevent external sound source interference
Protects from unwanted outside audio Interference,high density deflection, noise-absorbing foam
It is made of 5 reflection panels, each panel with well designed pyramid foam
Foldable and adjustable. It is able to be mounted on the microphone stand upright or boom
Porous aluminum sturdy design
Material: Polyoxyester sponge and Industrial Quality Aluminum
Application: Recording Studio, Family, etc.
Size: 280mm x 575mm
This product does not include microphone and headset, you could buy it separately.
Package Included:
1 x Microphone Isolation Shield(microphone and headset not included)
1 x Mounting Accessories

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