22 Inch Glow in the Dark Tri Color Necklace Green Purple Yellow 50 Pack



Glow necklaces are one of those party novelties that people love the most.Our 22 Inch Glow in the Dark Tri-Color Necklace Green-Purple-Yellow for Parties All Occasion 50 Pack is non-toxic and very safe for all. This glow in the dark necklace works best in the evening and is ideal for night parties, clubs, sports fests and all activities that occur under the cover of darkness. Nothing compares to the hype created when you wear this necklace during your favorite event. You will be a clear standout of the crowd.To activate, bend along the entire length and shake until you achieve its full glow. The reaction is indeed magical when the necklace begins to glow. But in reality, it is the science of non-toxic chemicals emitting light energy when you bend the necklace.This item is sold 50 per pack. When you order 1 pc you will receive 50 pcs, when you order 2 pcs you will receive 100 pcs, when you order 3 pcs you will receive 150 pcs and so on.Party animals! Get your glow on for a luminous display tonight! 
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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