BOUNDS Retractable Car Window Sunshade Curtain UV Protection Visor Folding Auto Cover

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1. This product is available in two sizes of 65cm and 70cm, and can also be freely cut according to the actual car size.
2. Alloy material. Lightweight, strong and durable. In order to make the product more durable, the main body support rod is made of thick aluminum alloy, which combines the advantages of lightness and sturdiness, it is not easy to bend and will not rust.
3. Exposure to the sun for a long time will seriously damage the car's interior and produce harmful gases. This new retractable sunshade can effectively isolate the temperature of the sun and protect the car's interior and your health.
4. Sun protection and heat insulation. No disassembly and installation. Unobstructed. Privacy protection.

Name Automatic telescopic sunshade
Silver outside, black inside
Function Insulation and cooling, reduce ultraviolet radiation
Installation method suction cup installation
Installation location front and rear glass of the vehicle
Material Aluminum film + non-woven fabric + cotton wool + aluminum alloy
Stand size 65cm, 70cm
Executive standard GB/T26125-2011
70CM awning is suitable for: SUV, MPV, medium-sized car
65CM awning is suitable for: compact car, small car, van

The main body of the sunshade is close to the side position of the right side of the window glass, and the hook suction cup is close to the side position of the left side of the window.
1. Compare the height of the glass with a visor
2. Use abrasive tools to cut off the excess
3. Press the switch to attract on the glass
4. Hang on the hook and fix it

Parcel list does not include utility tool

Package Included:
1 X Car Window Sunshade Curtain
1 X Cutting Mold


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