A879W Wired 3-color Adjustable Backlit Gaming Keyboard White



Specifications:1. Backlit color: Red, purple and blue2. Key life: ≤10 million times3. Working current: ≤350mA4. Working voltage: 5V DC ± 0.5V5. Support system: For Win7/8/Vista/XP/2000, for OSX 10.26. Color: White (optional)7. Material: ABS8. Keyboard size: 44.0 * 13.5 * 4.0cm9. Keyboard weight: 929.0g10. Package size: 45.5 * 17.0 * 5.0cm11. Package weight: 1153.0gFeatures:1. Backlit design, cool and full of personality.2. Adjustable backlit of 3 colors and adjustable brightness of 3 levels, more choices, more flexible.3. Big keys, curved caps, perfect to fit fingers.4. Anti-slip patches provide strong absorption capacity, effectively avoid moving when playing game.5. Heavy and ergonomical design, all bring player joyful gaming experience.User tips:1. There are 3 adjustable backlighting colors (blue, purple and red). Press FN + SL to switch the colors.2. There are 3 adjustable brightness levels (33%, 66% and 100%). Press FN + ↑or FN +↓to adjust it.Packag included:1 x Keyboard1 x User manual
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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