Original Rapoo V500 Alloy Version 87Keys 26 Key Rollover Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Specifications:1. Brand: Rapoo2. Model: V500 Alloy Version3. Cable length: 1.8m4. Number of keys: 875. Keyboard Color: Black6. Keyboard weight: 863 g7. Lifecycle:50 Million Key-press8. Key press force: 50 + / - 5g9. Key press whole travel: 2.0mm10. Rate of return:125/500/1000Hz11. Rated voltage/ current: DC 5V/ < 150 m12. Compatibility: Windows XP / Win7/ Win8/ Win8.1/Win10, for Mac OS with USB portFeatures:1. A single key life of up to 60 million operations, 2.0mm trigger stroke and 60g actuation    force,1000 times / s polling rate, real-time quick response.      2. Built-in memory can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode. You can play the way    you want it, on any computer without the help of any software.    3. Multimedia keys give you quick access to functions like media player, homepage, volume adjustment, etc.    Make it easier to use.The keys cap using laser engraving technology, durable wear does not fade.Package included:1 x Rapoo V500 Alloy Version 87Keys Mechanical Gaming KeyboardNotice:This product is without backlit, but it reserved Led lamp position, you can diy the led lamp

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