Small Size Foldable bluetooth Aluminum Alloy Bottom Shell Keyboard



Specification:1. Item: Portable bluetooth Keyboard2. Color: Gold /  Black / White3. Material: Aluminum alloy Keyboard Bottom Shell , Silicon Case4. Connection: Wireless bluetooth5. Standby Current: <40mA6. Key Life: 3 million clicks7. Limited operating range: 10m without barrier8. Dimension: 290 X 84 X 6mmFeatures:1. Small size design, convenient to carry it everywhere you wish.2. Aluminum alloy base design, fashionable and duarble.3. The case also could be a phone/tablet support.4. bluetooth connection, support 10m transmitting without barrier.Usage: 1. Turn on your keyboard, automatically connecting, and the bluetooth indicator blinks constantly, it shows 2. Open your device's bluetooth function and search, to find the name of the keyboard (bluetooth name: B.O.W), choose to connect it.3. bluetooth keyboard light indicator will die out automatically, when successfully pairing.4. Note: After 30 minutes of inactivity, the keyboard automatically switches to standby mode.    Just press any key and wait about 3 seconds to wake it up, which will work normally.

Package Included:1 X Small-sized Foldable bluetooth Aluminum Alloy Bottom Shell Keyboard

Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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