ACE RGB Wired USB Mouse Pad Backlit LED Mouse Mats Hard Gaming Mouse Pad




1. Brand: ACE
Item: RGB Mouse Pad
3. Material: Metal Plate, Silica Gel Mat
4. Dimensiod: 350 * 250 * 3.6mm
5. Voltage: 5V
6. Electricity: Less than 150mA


1. Seven colors dazzling RGB backlit Mouse pad looks smart, which makes your PC computer cool.
2. Surface has been optimized, suits for different mouse's sensitivity, operation gets more smoother and precise.
3. Metal Plate underside with Silica Gel mat makes it firm.
4. 1.8 meter black red braided wire make sure data transmission stability and more durable .
5. Energy-efficient LED, life span can reach 3W hours.
6. Inductive touch switch and non-touch control feel comfortable.
7. Ten light effect ,easy adjustment, and precise positioning.

Package Include:

1x ACE RGB Backlit LED Mats Hard Mouse Pad for Gaming

Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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