AJazz AK33 82 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Detachable USB Wired Gaming Keyboard




1. Brand: AJazz
2. Model: AK33
3. Version: RGB Version
4. Color: Black
5. Connection: Detachable USB Wired
6. Switch: Black Switch, Blue Switch
7. Backlit: 16.8 Million Color RGB
8. Keys Amount: 82 Keys
9. Dimension: 310.5 * 120 * 36.8mm ± 0.5mm


1. 82 keys compact design, keeps the commonly used keys and saves more space for the mouse moving. And its size makes it easy to carry.
2. Ergonomic design with special R5 standard.
3. Detachable USB cable, more convenient for your use.
4. 16.8 million colors RGB backlit, and built in 19 displaying modes for option ( press Fn + F8 to switch to ), and you could also customized  its backlit color through the driver.
5. Supports macro setting, driver link is

Package Included:

1 * AJazz AK33 82 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


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