KCASA Electric Smart Aerator Fast Wine Decanter Magic Aerator And Pourer Decanter Auto Decanter Dispenser Wine Accessorie



Description :KCASA Electric Smart Wine Aerator Fast Decanter Magic Aerator And Pourer Decanter Wine Decanter  
-Increases red wine tannins oxidation, to enhance the subtle flavour profiles in your wine.
-No longer do you need to wait 30 mins to an hour to achieve the full effect of your wine by using a decanter, this electronic wine aerator is all you need. 
-Simply insert onto your wine and press the button, it will dispense 28ml of wine every 2 seconds! 
-Due to the pneumatic process, the exposure of the wine is 6 times greater then that of a traditional decanter. Air is injected into the stream of wine allowing you to enjoy instant aerated wine! 
Specification :
Material  ABS + Stainless Steel
Color  Red
Weight  460g
Diameter 6cm
Size 16.5 x 11.5cm
Power  USB Charging
Package Includes :1 x KCASA Electric Wine Decanter 2 x KCASA Food Grade Catheters1 x KCASA USB Data Cable1 x KCASA Velvet Bag1 x KCASA English User Manual
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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