104 Keys Blue Switch USB Wired Backlit Mechanical Computer Gaming Keyboard



Material: ABS, Aluminum
Color: Black/Rose Gold/Silver/Blue
Key Switch: Blue Switch
Keyboard type: 104 Keys Mechanical Keyboard
Keyboard Wire: Anti Interference Shielding Professional Copper Core Wire
USB Interface: Silver-plated Interference
Keystroke Life: 50 Million Times
Keystroke Bounce Force: 60±20GF
Size: (L)X(W) 45X21cm /17.72"x8.27"(appr.)
Cable Length: 1.6m /62.99"(appr.)
1) Made of ABS and aluminum material, durable to use and not easy to fade.
2) Ergonomic curve step-cap and removable hand rest for a comfortable feel.
3) Scientific ladder-style step-cap design gives different levels of gameplay experience.
4) Strong sense of paragraph, loud click, is the representative axis of the mechanical keyboard.
5) 8 kinds of built-in backlit mode button to light eight kinds of game graphics, support the single lit recording capabilities.
6) Multimedia button design, just to improve your game audio and video experience comfort.
7) High-quality USB cable, configured enhanced magnetic ring, strong anti-interference and corrosion resistance,fast command transmission and with long service life.
8) Four-star waterproof design, effectively improve product life, even if the water accidentally splashed on the keyboard, can also be used normally.
* Backlit mode adjustment method, Fn+SL for adjusting the backlit mode, press the Fn+ up and down keys to adjustthe brightness in the constant light mode.
Package Included: 
1X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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