The Resort Lifestyle Wrap



Lightweight and easy to slip on.The Resort Lifestyle Wrap is wild and crazy.Get in touch with your personal style with The Resort Lifestyle Wrap. It comes in Wild Resort Designs and Mix Multi Colors like Wild flowers Multi and Crazy Geometric Multi. It has shoulder straps on both sides of the wrap. Wear it crisscross like a top for a sweet and sensual look.Perfect for the beach resort you are visiting swimming and lounging never felt so beautiful go wild with the waves and go crazy over the moon while talking slow walks along the beach in the Resort Lifestyle Wrap.Details:Made of 95% Rayon Poly Blend and 5 % Spandex.Machine Washable.36 inches long.ONE SIZE FITS:   Small - Medium - Large, no need to select size at checkout.Comes in Wild Resort Designs and Mix Multi Colors like: Wild Flowers Multi and Crazy Geometry Multi.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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