Concierge Journey Canvas Bag Find It All At Your Fingertips



Concierge Journey Canvas Bag everything you need is at your fingertips in this compact shoulder bag.This bag is at your service and attends to all your needs like a true concierge. The bag not only provides over the top quality but also makes you feel professional as it keeps everything sorted and secure for you. All sides and every inch of this bag can hold important things (details can be seen in the pictures given) and it goes above and beyond your expectation in presenting itself to serve you as a true concierge would.It is yours truly One in ALL and ALL in One Concierge that is "at your service" to provide all that you need and will remain loyal to you year after year. Make it your own TODAY!  Details: The front side of the bag can hold Car keys, Wallet, Cell phone, phone book, and USB drives, etc. It also has a 5 and a half-inch deep zipper pocket to hold Cables or Batteries.The backside of the bag can hold multiple credit cards, gift cards, Pens/Stylus. It also has 7-inch deep zipper pocket to hold a video camera or charging cables. The left side with Velcro tape can hold reading glasses or sunglasses. The right side can hold Pens, pencils or marker pen.The center of the bag can hold an iPad, passport, a notepad or any other essential documents.Metal handles hold a cross body adjustable strap.Sturdy Canvas construction with Adjustable canvas shoulder strap.DuPont Nylon Zippers that are high quality and long-lasting.Bag Size: 12" W, 10" H, and 4 " Deep. Multiple Travel-friendly colors: Coffee, Khaki and Steel Black.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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