Let It Snow Sweet Sentiment Bracelet



There is definitely something mystical and magical about the sweet snowflakes we are so wait for every winter.When on one hand we all want to be as unique and as beautiful like the snowflakes, we also catch them and play with them and when one is in love, one wants to catch them and play with them with the loved one.Now only if one can have a hug and a kiss with every falling snowflake express these sweet sentiments to the one you love with this bracelet, which has these tiny and shiny snowflakes on them in abundance and while you wait for her reply, we will only say Let It Snow! Details: Bracelet is Silver plated with Snowflakes designed all over.The Open ended Bracelet allows you to adjust size with a gentle stretch and fits most wrists up to 81/2 inches.Sweet Gift Idea for her Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Just Because it Snowed! It comes in a Velvet Pouch.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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