Super De Duper 3 In 1 Master Grater Peeler Slicer



3 In 1 Master Grater, Peeler, and Slicer!!!This amazing one of its kind Kitchen gadget has Tri Blades that rotate to do the Super De Duper duty as a Grater, Peeler, and Slicer and it does it all with so much ease and efficiency!Use it for Fruits and vegetables, the sturdy handle comes with a built-in slider button which can be pressed to hold in an unlocked position while you rotate to the top button to make the selection to grate, peel or slice. This top button has pictures to show all three actions and it rotates to let you select your blade. Once you select the blade, lock the slider safely in place, and get into action!!! Grating, peeling, and slicing was never so much fun and easy before.So strong and attractive, you will love to work with it morning, noon and night!Details: It is made of sturdy ABS plastic material with Stainless Steel blades.The super sturdy grip allows you to grate, peel, and slice with ease and confidence.Stainless Steel blades offer quality and guaranteed good results.Machine washable.3 in 1 feature saves storage space.It comes in Sea Blue, Lime Green, Strawberry Red colors.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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