My Bag Buddy For World Traveler Compact Expandable Carry on Bag



Unfold the pouch and make it into an extra carry on for the last minute shopping done at the duty -free shops to surprise your loved one at home...A compact expandable carry-on bag that firmly slides over the handle of your primary carry on bag, making it easy to carry, without falling or sliding from the bag. When not in use it neatly folds into an 8-inch pouch, just throw it in your bag and open and expand it when you need to use it... My Bag Buddy is a must-have for the world traveler like you! You will wonder how you traveled without it all this time!Details:Neatly folds into an 8-inch pouch with a zipper bag and expands when open.Size when in the pouch is 8 Inches X 7 Inches and when taken out and fully open, it expands to 14 Inches Tall x 20 Inches Wide.Nylon Construction, waterproof and moisture-proof.Adjustable Handles. Weighs less than 300 grams when empty.It comes in multiple colors like BLUE AND GREEN WITH CHARCOAL OR ROSE AND ORANGE WITH BROWN.Get more for gift giving, each sold separately.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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