Steel Cable Connectors And Super Strong Charging Cable For Your Smart Gadgets



Steel Cable Connectors with Super Strong Charging Cable makes it probably the last cable you will buy and own..Unless someone borrows it and won't return it back for the simple reason that they loved it so much..! The cable is made with real Stainless Steel end connectors and made strong so it won't bend or break as you pull it in and out of the socket! The Cable itself is made of triple layered Polymer that can withstand any pull or bending.. Experience the power of Steel..!DETAIL: The cable is 3 ft long and shielded,making it possible to charge your device super fast.Included also is a cable minder, cable storage and winder that will keep your cable organized and ready anytime, a $10 value included FREE.Comes for Apple 8 pin or Samsung micro USB compatibility with latest upgrades.Select multiple Colors like BLUE,BLACK,WHITE,LIME GREEN,ORANGE.Each sold separately.
Note: The actual meals aren't 100% the same as the picture/images displayed here.

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